Garbage for Plums

‘Garbage for Plums’ is based on a traditional Bulgarian folklore fairytale about a man who wanted to find a good and carering wife for himself. He chose a rather strange but clever way to do it. He went with his donkey from village to village, and offered an ecxhange of nice fresh juicy plums for house garbage. Lots of women came with piles of dirt, thinking that the man is crazy. At the very end a modest and beautiful girl came without garbage because she could not find any – her house was very clean. The man was so happy and chose her as his beloved bride.

‘Garbage for Plums’ has been created as part of ‘Thalassa of Myths’ project with the financial support of Culture programme of Education and Culture GD of the European Union. ‘Thalassa of Myths’ is a project by Centre of Higher Education in Theatre Studies (Greece), Teatro Inverso (Italy), Centrul European de Educatie si Cultura “Artemis” (Romania) and Pro Rodopi Foundation (Bulgaria).

The production has been supported by Die Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien MA7.