Architectural plans

Authors of the architectural plans of PRAC are Ivaylo Zahariev, Adriana Dimitrova, Miroslav Dragnev, Iliana Ivanova from L6 studio in Sofia

The project for a Performing Arts Centre inside an old kindergarten building in Bostina, was inspired by the idea of maintaining the playful element from childhood in contemporary performing arts. The new structures, a series of connected pavilions, resemble a child's play-cubes forgotten on the meadow. The selection of primary colors for the volumes corresponds to the function contained within: the red one comprises the dance studio, the yellow above it is a small office for Pro Rodopi Foundation and a VIP apartment, while the blue cube is residential. The old kindergarten houses the living room, kitchen and dining room, and the glass link between the residential and work zones can be used for meetings, discussions and lectures. Area of The Centre is approximately 1300 sq.m.

Extremely young architectural studio L6 - Adriana Dimitrova, Ivaylo Zahariev, Miroslav Dragnev and Illiana Ivanova, is famous in Bulgaria for renovations of existing buildings and exciting interiors. In 2004 the studio received an award for "House of the Year," presented by Ideal House magazine. In 2006 the studio received an award for "Interior of the Year," in National Cīmpetition Architectural Idea.

Atrium with courtyard view
Look from Above
Ramp Connection Old to New Parts